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Digital Camera

Colin P

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Dunno if anyone can help but you can help me decide what to do!

ok so as the title says I have a digital camera and its broken! It's a Pentax Optio S4 and I sent it away to Pentax and they have said it has been water damaged so to repair it would cost near enough two thirds the price of a new camera. What do you guys think I should do?

Get the camera repaired by Pentax

Try and get hold of the components and get someone else to repair it (I dont know if that is possible though)


just get a new camera such as the S4i or the S5i?

The camera does power on sometimes but the display button doesnt work and sometimes it comes on then goes straight back off.



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If you can get Pentax to confirm accidental damage you may be able to claim on your household insurance. As to a new camera, I recently bought a n 8million pixel all singing and dancing job-unfortunately the pictures are A0 size (at 8m pixels)and take up a great deal of memory on my computer.As I either view the pics as a slideshow or print 6x4 for family distribution this this is a little excessive. Good luck.

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was it water damaged?

well, they say it has and my girlfriend recalls one time where it might have happened but she says she wiped it off straight away. Either way, it took a long time for it to actually break. The camera is less than a year old and the incident where it could have happened was in june and it started to mess up in august then got progressively worse.

I did wonder about the household insurance thing.

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I had the same problem with my Mini-disc - I dropped it in the bath. All I did was sit it on some tissue paper for a week or so on a radiator and it worked fine after that. Alternatively, just remove a service panel and get the hair dryer in there, but be carefull not to get it too hot, just enough to vapourise any moisture.

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