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Brake Warning Light


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Allright guys,

For those who keep an eye on the forums like myself, you will no that i have just picked up my IS200 from the bodyshop after having a genuine Lexus styling kit fitted, this was not done by a main dealer but i am more than happy with the work.

When i left the garage yesterday all lights and cluster display were working fine, it was driven about 0.5 miles to my home. I have only just today had a chance to take it for a good drive when i noticed after about 5 miles the handbrake light came on and is now on constantly. I have checked the manual and it states the light shows if the handbrake is up, if the brake fluid is low or if one or more of the brakes is low. I appreciate this could just be coincidence but my bet is on somewhere during the bodywork mods a sensor or wire has not been replaced correctly as the brakes appear to be working fine. I no a lot of you guys have modded your bumpers among other things and was wondering if any of you could give me some pointers as to possible loose connections etc and how to locate, check and if nesassary repair. Cheers fellas, after forking out for the bodywork the last thing i need is a visit to my local Lexus dealership.

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Nice one Col, light out. The manual forgot to mention the most obvious, just quoted get it down to your dealers quick to be investigated. Scorp mate it is the O/S rear, whats that all about then. Still a bit concerned because when i left the garage the rear light was out on the same O/S this illuminated a different symbol on the cluster. I would assume it is a dual filament bulb which does both light and brake, the garage replaced the bulb before i left but now i am wondering why it appears to be blowing regulary.

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Very good mr scorpion!

I meant about the regular 'blowing' of bulbs on the offside rear of the car!!!!!

Since i got mine in june last year, i've had to put 4 replacement bulbs in on the offisde rear, 2 because the brake light didn't work, and the other two (one on sunday i might add) because the side light didn't work.

this doesn't seem right, as the other side has never been touched!!!!


(no more smart a55 comments mr scorpion :P)

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Probably coz your spoiler b/light feed has been taken from this side and you may have a shorting out prob....i dunno :P

Not smarta55e......its called knowledge.If i had 1 bulb blow a year id get it looked at as there is obviously a prob,let alone 4 in a year:P

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Nice one Col, light out. The manual forgot to mention the most obvious,

Sorry but you must have looked in wrong place or have a different manual cos I had this last week, looked in manual and it said: low fluid level or bulb out or system fault. If it only comes on after brake pedal depressed then it should be the bulb. remember:

just because a bulb is lit doesn't mean its not faulty

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