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Rx300se France Trip

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Hi All,

Back from France, added 900 miles since delivery last week and although wasn't going to venture into Paris...I did...

No dramas with the RX, smooth and mightly impressive, made the holiday that bit special, crusing between 80 to 90 was a revelation...fully laden with 2 small children and usual bits and pieces...even upto a hundred my wife didn't mention a thing and usually she's more sensitive to speed than a footballer is to coacaine (yes I know topical, apparently)

Really enjoyed the drive and the RX does have enough grunt on the inclines,

The satnav was excellent, made driving to different places we wouldn't have considered so much easier and the points of interest feature is really good;

funniest satnav moment....on the approach to the arc de triumph..keep straight and take 12th exit...

Overall if you need a 4x4 type luxurious vehicle and want to spend below 40'll be barmy not to give the RX a test drive.... :)

Really pleased, we'll start planning the next trip...

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Good to know your trip went ok and that you're happy with the car. There is no chance I will take mine into Paris, last car I took there came home on a transporter - without its front end. (not my fault, honest...)

I had a test drive in a new Discovery today, thought it was really nice, much nicer than I remember the old one to be. But although it felt indestructable and would certainly be better off road, I wouldn't swop - let alone pay the £7,000 they wanted with mine in PX. So I agree, anyone with 30-40k to spend on a luxury SUV should take a ride in an RX.

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Congrats on a successful purchase. Went around the Paris ring road earlier this year (can't spell peripherique so ring road will have to do). Without the satnav would probably still be there. The RX is a wonderful long distance cruiser, in our house this is known as travelling Lexus Class. :driving:

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I'm moving to Paris at the moment... driving in Paris is a nightmare (althoug driving in Milano is worse by 5000%) but even more it's useless; taking public transport is a much better way of getting around... but it is a great car to sit in while standing still in trafic....

The Sat Nav does some strange things in Paris... instead of choosing the fast ways out, it always wants me to take long boulevards through the city, maybe shorter in theory, but a complete nightmare in reality...Even when on the peripherique, it will always indicate a road through Paris...

I'm driving up and down Europe all the time, and absolutely Love driving this car!

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