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Need Some Website Advice.


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Aye up,, need some advice from you web heads out there.

Ive put together a little website of my own using NetObjects Fusion.

now ive got some pics to add, and what id liek to do is have it such that if you click on the smaller image then it will open up a larger image.

Fusion has its own gallery which i could link the smaller pic to the larger gallery pic but im not really liking the gallery.

Frontpage has an auto thumbnail think that does this function.

Now is there some form of HTML code that will do this job or an app that i could download. or is it simply a case of creating a page for the larger image and then linking to that. but that would mean LOTS of pages.

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Do your providers support .NET? There's some very good thumbnail functions within it.

If you can't find any gallery progs out there (and there are hundreds) and wanted to do it in plain HTML, why not just have the image and the link to it the same image but re-sized in the link to itself?


Say fargo.jpg is 300x900 in it's full size, have the image as a link only smaller :

<a href="fargo.jpg"><img src="fargo.jpg" width="100" height="300"></a>

You can then format the page to your own liking. As links have borders on, if you don't like it then just add BORDER="0"

You can add the text underneath the image as a paragraph by adding

ALT="Me nude on holiday scaring everyone" it will stay with the image to save reformatting the page if your image dimensions change.

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thanks Geoff, Damian,, i'll have a go/check out your pointers when i get home tonight..

Off Topic,, Damian,, i got my touchscreen back up and running,, twas the ribbon cables, i removed them all (fot the upteenth time) ping'd them out on a multimeter to make sure non were cracked then reseated tehm, and bobs ya uncle,,

BUT you know what,, now my f'ing opus psu has gone and stuffed up,,

i already had the +12v and ground hooked up and all was cool, then finally i hooked up the ign12v with a swithc, turned on......DEAD.. no status leds on the psu, no blown fuse. power was there on the connector..

Thats why GEOFF i was ringing you last night.. thought that you may like the challenge of fixing it.. .

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I'm glad you got your screen back up and running, ribbons seem a bit dodgy, will have to be careful when dismantling mine.

Bit of a bugger about your Opus though :( Sounds more opLus than Opus.. they have a good rep too. Hope you get it sorted..

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