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It Bods Help Please


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I'm trying to re-install Win98 onto one of my other PCs, after windows wouldnt boot up due to some 'write protect error' on the C drive....

I boot the computer with the start up disk, run format and at the end it says format not performed due write error protect...

Probably something reallly simple (i hope).

Thanks in advance for any help

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It does sound like the drive is failing, but firstly check your bios for boot sector / MBR protection. Make sure it's switched off. (Bios may have rest at some point)

You can also try and boot from the CD to a command prompt. (Maybe your master boot record is corrupt - this can throw errors while you are using the drive normally)

Type :

SYS C: <return>

FDISK /MBR <return>

If luck luck there,

Try removing and re-partitioning the drive.

then a low level format.

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Cheers Geoff, I cant find the option for MBR protection int he bios.. and when i try SYS C: it get the old write protect error. I have also ran scan disk and it says there are some bad sectors which are irrepairable

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Go to the website of the hard drive manufacturer and download a "low level format" utility for your drive - that will re-write both FATs. It will fail if the drive is physically broken however.

If you get stuck, go to the Maxtor website and get the "Maxblast" utility - it'll probably work. There used to be one on the Seagate website too.

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Does it sound like the hard drive is physically damaged from the scan disk report. It was 30gb reconditioned one that I brought 2 years ago. I dont really want to spend much more money this machine, and I'm not too keen an getting a second hand/reconditioned hard drive and having the same problems. I think it maybe time for it to hit the bin!!!!

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