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Directional Tyres


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i posted a question the other night about whether or not my bridgestone potenzas re040 215/45/17 were directional or not.

someone kindly and discreetly pointed me to the arrow and the word ROTATION on the tyre wall itself :blush::whistling:

so today i decided to rotate my tyres front to back and used the spare on the front to even out the wear.

when i got the spare out i noticed that this was directional aswell, so i could only put it on the passenger side front, Not a problem really until i get a puncture on the drivers side and my spare should fit the passenger side :blink:

how can you be Lexus give you a spare that only fits one side of the car or am i missing something here :duh:

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i thought about the inside out method as me and my mate tried it on his mini years ago, all was fine until we hit a hump back bridge at 60mph and the whells all flew off in differnet directions :lol::lol::lol:

but seriously i ran the scenario past one or two of my traffic accident investigations cop friends and they pointed out that if a serious or fatal accident occured and it was noted that one of the tyres was put on THE WRONG WAY ROUND so to speak then you could be in deep doo doo.

I know its only hyperthetical but it still makes me wonder wbout having a directional spare.

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With the insides of my fronts wearing the way they have I wont be replacing them with directional tyres............. :duh: :duh:

At least then if the camber problem persists I can swap lefts with rights and get more then 17K out of a set :angry:

Whats the best non directional tyre to get? Are Bridgestone Turanza any good? :question:

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