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I Finally Got An Ls430! Now I Need Your Help!

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:) Im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i've owned three GS300's in the past, a 93 Touring model a 98 2nd generation and a 2001 GS300, which is the only one of the three that i have at the moment, the rest were traded. I also, somewhere in between these cars purchased an LX470 that i love and cherish. Just yesterday, i took home a 2004 blk on blk LS430, i have wanted one for sometime now and had finally got one with the Ultra Luxury Package :driving: . This is my first post and what i needed help with was finding rims and a bodykit for my newly acquired car. What is the biggest size i can go without losing the comfort or feel of the stock setup? which body kits are availble for my car? Which rims do you have? im thinking of getting the 20" TIS01 painted black to colormatch, and thinking about going with the Blitz AeorLip kit and spoiler, but i don't think its applicable to a 2004 model, can you please help? please include pricing information, as i am now limited on funds :unsure:

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Wheels if you must!. But putting on a spoiler will ruin the aerodynamics and probably increase the noise and fuel consumption. Remember these are not boy racer machines, anything you do that radically alters the appearance will drastically reduce its value. Remember they are usually bought by conservative old duffers like me!. Just a word of caution.............

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