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Condensation Inside Light Unit

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Went to go look at my GS tonight and it had some condensation in the drivers side light unit/s botht he main and high beam had signs of condensation in them

is this something to worry about? or quite normal?

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Condensation in headlamp units seems to be a problem with most models.

Have same problem with my Mk1 GS and was advised by my garage that it is an MOT fail point.

As my MOT is due in November have to dry out light unit with hair dryer before car goes in.

The problem soon returns when I wash the car or after heavy rain.

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Cheers guys

but ive never had this problem with my IS or infact any other car ive owned. hmmm

I asked the dealer to sort it out anyway

said he would order a new light unit

yup thats my new car to be in my pic :)

anytime this week wooo :)

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