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Lexus Is Just A Souped Up Toyota..


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Hello all.

I used to own a Lexus Is200.Not only did I find the car highly overpriced, but it was an absolute nightmare to drive.Being slow to accelerate and performance was bad to say the least.

I for one do not subscribe to Lexus being a so called "premium" brand, they have no heritage at all in regards to racing, design etc. Most Lexus owners seem to think that they are a "different" breed.

Well they most certainly are, for the fact that they will spend such vast amounts on a vehicle that is for the best part a "souped" up Toyota.The only reason they stand apart is , due to the fact that they know nothing about vehicles and seem to think that the price of a car is the defining factor..

IMO the money would be better spent on a course of what ever the doctor could prescribe for such stupidity for buying such a crap car.The money could also be much better spent on a car with "real" history" ie Mercedes, BMW, Jag etc..


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