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Stoptech (Brembo) New Brakes Fitted.....Better Pics To Follo


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well the StopTech's are fitted,no real dramas,apart from one which was soon sorted (i will notify supplier)

first impressions.......they fill the wheel:o

and require some bedding in.......even after my 5 runs 100-10mph.....there still generating some "burn off"......nothing that the Autobahn wont sort,the brake feel is about a solid feel,all in all it took me an hour to fit......and 6 mins to bleed the to follow:cool:

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they were off a is300 racecar in the states

the race sries organisers told the race team that the brakes had to be removed as the other competiters complained cos the is3 had an unfair braking advantage...........yes/no to the availabilty........u2u me for more info

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well done some serious testing of these jobbies....there good.......blinking good,

theye take a short while to come upto temp in the morn,but when there heated up there strong they bite hard,the pedal feel is amazing............i think id out brake anything now:cool::lol:

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