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Water In My Muffler


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I have a 92 SC 400 and my mechanic said I have a lot of water in my muffler -- guess I take too many short trips (nothing under 15 miles one way however.

Anyway I was thinking about drilling a 1/8 inch hole in a corner of the muffler to see if the water would drain out?

Any other ideas? Is drilling a very small hole an ok thing to do?

Anyone else run into this issue?


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Just run the engine for 15 minutes, then rev the engine a few times before you set off, to blow out the water, and then try to go for a brisk run that will blow the rest of the water out. I have a Mercedes V8 S class that gets this problem, don't drive it very often, and do this it works for me.

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:driving: Hi when i have had bmw's the exhaust always filled with water i just drilled a small hole in the rear box make sure its at the lowest point when the hole is dry just paint the hole with spray paint

We some times have cars in our workshop with holes drilled in the back box from new if you have a problem with the mot just fill the hole with some gum gum then take it out after

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