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Mk 1 New Struts All Round


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Just had all 4 suspension struts replaced on my Mk 1 LS400 - what a difference!

She's done 180k so I expected a big improvement and I wasn't disappointed - much better handling, quieter, better high speed stability.

It wasn't cheap, but I feel it was money well spent - pretty much like buying a new car!

Just out of interest how much did it cost ???

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In total it cost me about £700 - it isn't cheap, but the difference is drastic.

I got the shocks from Lexus Ipswich then had my local garage fit them following the workshop manual. They said that they were a real pig as the springs were very difficult to compress. I reckon at their rates there was about 9-10 hours labour @ approx. £40 per hr. I didn't enquire how much it would have cost at the dealers rates.

I delivered the car to them with the back seat, C pillar trim and the parcel shelf removed which in total took me about 5 hours to dismantle and refit once I got the car back - this all has to come out to get to the top of the rear struts.

Took a friend out yesterday lunchtime who has been in the car several times before and he commented how smooth the ride was - always nice to get some independent feedback!

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