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Guys - be wary!! I test drove the IS250SE Man Satnav on Sunday, and almost ordered the IS220d with Satnav and Met paint from a dealer.

However, I have just noticed that "Drivethedeal" are knocking £1147 off the same spec car now that the prices are announced!

The garage has offered to match the price :D !

Whilst I would not nor want to "duel" with Mr Mole (and I am sure he will have 1001 and reasons why you should steer away from On-Line deals, and he knows the trade, and how many of us mere mortals like duelling with sales men...?), you can read that your investment will depreciate heavily! So my avice is save up front what ever you can, or wait for the ex-Demo 220d's from April onwards - you could have enough for a holiday! Push the dealers!

You are all intelligent people, do your homework!

Incidentally, the dealer will not guarantee a Partex price for my car :duh: ...even though they state that the car MIGHT arrive January - all sounds wishy washy! I think they know it might not....however he has agreed to refund my deposit if we can't agree a price then....but it ties me to that dealer :angry: !

I thought Lexus were renowned for numero uno customero satisfaction....o!?

Anyone else found this?

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When I went to the dealer yesterday, he also advised that he couldn't offer me a PX price until the IS 220D Sport had arrived.

I'd be suprised to find a dealer going to offer a PX price now, knowing that the car will be at least 4-5 months away. The price they quote you now, will only get lower, unless your ordering a car that's available.  :crying:

That's why I'm now sure whether I should wait for the IS220D Sport and take a hammering on the PX price or go for the IS220D SE earlier and save both ways  :blush:

Thanks for the tip on, I've also been using LloydsTSB Car Select who have also been very competitive, although I haven't given them a call yet about the IS220D.

Thanks - at the end of the day, it does not matter whether it Lexus or not, the salesman treat you like :tsktsk: largely 'cos of targets etc...anyway, I might take up the offer if the Beemer 3 series is really naff!

What puzzles me is that Lexus dealer I visited is part of the Sytner group, who have 10 (yes 10) Audi dealerships in group...and the originally pex price for my A4 was £1000 less (£8500..!). It's all too fluid... :excl: and surprising no different to what I would expect at any dealer! They have offered me free car wahses though! :D

Incidentally, the 220d Sport is also heavily discounted and use it to will be surprised!

I want the SE largely 'cos the ride might suffer. It is taught already, and I dunno what 18 inchers will do.

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Autobytel are also offering discounted IS250's. They have IS250's listed that look like specific models in stock and not just generic.

If the main franchised dealers cannot get enough units and they are sold out for some months, as per Mr Mole then where are these ones coming from ?

I'm wondering whether the sales are as brisk as we are LED to believe, especially if a dealer has promised to match the discounted price.

Like Mr Mole said some time ago - as long as customers are queueing up then there is little chance of any discount, which is understandable.

I thought that now I had reached the first rung of the ladder that Lexus had now removed the next 2 but it is starting to look promising for a IS250 in March 2007 :)

Base model, Auto, mudflaps all round minus discount = jobs a good'n :)

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I almost bought a Corolla for my wife from Autobytel. If it is the same as my experience, what they do is put you in touch with a main dealer who will sell you the car at the price quoted. You deal directly with the dealer, so shouldnt be any worries.....

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