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Question For Scarface


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Just out of curiosty

If you knocked someone over in your car and killed them what will happen to you?

If you killed the person by;

1. Pure accident

2. Driving without due care and attn

3. Drink driving.

I presume you would serve a term in her majestys grand hotel.. would number 3 serve longer than number 1?

Just interested to know

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Interesting you raise this.

Firstly, causing death by alcohol or drugs, serves an imprisonment sentence.

Accident / Driving without due care and attention are a bit tricky ......

At the moment, this is going under review.

Previously, this was only dealt with as an accident, but now ; every accident resulting the death of a person with a vehicle, is now treated as a crime scene.

Same priorities as if someone was stabbed, or shot etc.

This is because, it would get around that the prison sentence for death by dangerous driving was rather minimal, so basically, if you wanted to kill someone then just go and run them over, and you would only see a few years in jail at the most !

So to answer your question, yes it does serve a prison sentence.

3 would be more that 1 + 2.

However 2 would also be more that 1 , but this would be for a judge / jury to decide ........

Hope that's answered your question.

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I know this is a hard question but what are the estimated sentance terms??

Well, there is a set table that scales out the fines / imprisonment sentences on a scale of say for example :

A: 1 - 3 years

b: 3 - 7 years

and so on ............... I ill try and find the scale and post up for you ............

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