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Boot Badge On Altezza


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Bought me a red Altezza (word) badge off eBay to go on the Sports Grille and will be fitting it soon where the "sports" badge is now. Thought that was the badging complete till.........

As some of you know the Tezza is badged up as RS200 on the boot lid Lexus style and nothing else, I was looking at a Toyota "Logo" badge and it is the about same shape and size on the outside as the Lexus one, oval. Was thinking of sticking a Toyota Logo in the middle so I have a Toyota RS200.

If you Google "Toyota RS200" up comes Altezza and 3rd on the list is LOC UK :D

Any opinions out there :question:

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Not for my taste mate. Seems to cheapen the whole aspect of Lexus, as an ordinary toyota. After all lexus is now a brand in Japan, so i wonder why they did that as well?

But after all it is originally the TOYOTA ALTEZZA so its upto you.

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Yes i am aware that they are completely different engines mate.

I wouldn't want to degrade the performance of my Altezza RS200 3S-GE by putting a Lexus badge on it! ;)

I believe all the Altezza's just come with "ALTEZZA" on the boot, no Toyota logo, thus:

P7020071.png_thumb.jpgClick for full view

However if you were to do the Toyota logo in the center and the RS200 on the side then it would be a similar layout to the Lexus, giving you a subtle, but 'in theme' point of difference.

But of course if Pip's view is representative of the majority over there then you're just going to look cheap - only the enthusiasts would recognise that the Altezza is a performance car while the IS is a luxury car.

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Add a supercharger to the IS and you have the performance as well as the luxury, jasestu.

Only if you get rid of a some weight as well.

You also have the advantage of torque right up to 8K revs (on the 6MT) so the car pulls longer in every gear so faster 0-60 cos less gear changes.

Then go to the trouble and expense of adding boost to the Tezza and the IS is miles behind :lol:

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I had originaly planned to take off the Altezza Badges and replace them with IS200 Lexus ones, mainly so that i wouldn't have to keep explaining to everyone that it is an imported Jap Lexus ........ but now that i have my fantastic Altezza, I wouldn't dream of calling it an IS200 (no offence to IS200 owners intended).....they may look the same but boy am i glad i took the RS for a testdrive ........

No in my humble option.....IT's an Altezza and proud of it .....

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Agreed Noel, my Tezza was badged up as Lexus but with the Altezza badge on rear O/S boot lid, that was only just holding on so got taken off with the other Lexus stuff.

Made my own RS200 badge (link HERE)

When people say like the Lexus, I just say thanks but it's not actually a Lexus it's a Toyota Altezza RS200. That gets the convo going about 210 BHP, only available in Japan etc. Makes it more exotic and exclusive than an IS :D

Anyway now this topic has been resurrected can I put take it off :offtopic: what about the Toyota badge idea anyone

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