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More Ebay Problems...


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Hey guys... sorry if this is a long one, but I have a problem - a few of you may have seen some bits I put up for sale on eBay in the Buy and Sell Accesories section.

One of the winners (the rear nearside light cluster) sent me a message immediately after the auction was complete saying they didn't want the item. The next morning they marked the payment as sent and then left me negative feedback saying that I was nothing but a scammer because I didn't deliver the goods. It wasn't even physically possible for me to have sent the item for them to recieve it within that time even if they had paid for it.

This was a relatively new user, who has 2 private negative feedback (didn't have any when they won the auction otherwise I would have cencelled their bid) and 6 withdrawn bids. I requested the details of this user (which were all rubbish) but was unaware that this action also caused my details to be sent to them. So they now have my home phone number etc. Thanks eBay...

I reported them to eBay last night but have still not heard anything even though they say they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Today while I was at work, my girlfriend who works from home had several phone calls from withheld number of someone who just hangs up. Also a taxi came to the door saying they had a booking from here but we didn't order one. Does eBay give the full address and phone number when requested like this?

This all happened just a day or so after I reported someone else using my photos in one of their auctions that I had stopped (I mentioned this in the sale thread here).

These things could just be a coincidence but it's all very suspicious and I'm not sure what I can do. eBay seem to do little to protect the innocent (I've already had another problem that I had a rant about here and have lost faith in them completely now. I don't want to stop using it though because it is a very useful tool!

Any advice about what I can do in this case?

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Sorry to hear about your problems with flea bay, one of my mates recently got ripped off to the tune of £650 on eBay just before christmas, and there is absolutely nothing they will do about it. As to the phone calls, you can contact your phone operator and bar calls from witheld and unknown numbers,i have had this done and it also stops telesales/ canvassers from calling so is well worth doing. I doubt the person will physically come round as these kind of people tend to be complete cowards, and it should all stop after a while. If not then contact the police or your telephone operator as they take these nuisance/threatening calls very seriously. Good luck mate.

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I get the hang up phone calls a lot ( a pain when on nights), i have been told that its a spread dialer that phones a whole lot of numbers for tele sales and the first person to answer is the lucky double glazing or kitchen shopper the computer hangs up on the rest. there is a site where you can register your name and phone number so that your number isnt made available to these idiots

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get 'anonomous call reject' put on your line, BT does it, and you have to pay, imo it is worth it, also, as exobex has suggested, report it to the police and tell them who you suspect it is, they prob wont do much, but it will be logged should anything else happen, keep a diary of times of calls etc too.

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I just had a :tsktsk: that bid on on one of my items, didnt make payment, asked him when hes going to make payment, he then send me an email that payment has been sent, 2 days still no payment so last night sent him another email asking if he wants the item, he replies ive bought it from another site :duh: , sorry it was a bit confusing??!!?? :blink: WTF!!!....anyway if your new to eBay just create a new user name and start again :)

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Got a phone call from a withheld number this morning - and it turned out to be Lexus Newcastle 'reminding' me about my next service. He said he tried ringing a few times yesterday but kept getting cut off.

That seems to explain the phone calls then, and I've dug a little deeper and found that eBay doesn't give out your full address so the taxi turning up was just a coincidence too. I must be getting paranoid! :duh: Also seems a coincidence I happen to post this on LOC when it was Lexus that were ringing me...

Still haven't heard from eBay even though it has been nearly 2 days since I reported it. The 3 day second chance offer I gave to the second highest bidder doesn't look as though it will be taken up either so it looks like this :tsktsk: has completely sabotaged the auction successfully, and screwed up my feedback rating etc too.

if your new to ebay just create a new user name and start again

I'm not totally new to eBay and have around 20 feedback so don't want to change accounts. Problem is I now have 2 -ve feedback ratings from incidents with dodgy eBayers.

there is a site where you can register your name and phone number so that your number isnt made available to these idiots

We are registered with the telephone preference service and haven't received many sales phone calls since a few weeks after doing that - I would recommend it to everyone!

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Just got a reply back from eBay regarding this (only 2 days later than their 24 hour promise...)

I was pretty :tsktsk: to find it was the same response I got last time - just a standard response saying it is not our policy to alter feedback etc. with lots of links to the help section on how to hide your feedback and stuff like that.

Basically it seems that it is not their policy to help or protect people from troublesome eBayers. :angry:

I can't even file a non-payment report yet because I have to wait 7 days to do that. That :tsktsk: screwed me over in less than 16 hours so why can't I act against him for a week?!

I've totally lost all faith in eBay now but I can't stop using it because there isn't really an alternative. They have us all over a barrel really. :tsktsk:

I've responded to the email and will see what they come back with...

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