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Would You Pay 10.5k For A 1997 Ls400?

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How do traders price their vehicles up? I never understand..

Does look like a minter though...

Its about right for a forecourt price although if you wanted to sell him that car his offer (if he wanted it) would be £7K tops. A £3K+ mark up on prestige cars like this is pretty normal in the trade but unless he is the worlds greatest salesman he is not going to refuse an offer a good deal less. No SatNav either. Yes it is a minter but so it should be even if it had done 100K or more.

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Mr Skelton is more honest than a hard day's labour in field.

:winky: The Fiver's in the post! :D

Though I've found that being 'straight' in business is best. Lucky I don't have to deal in the crazy world out there. Running Bristol's best cafe....well, after 26 years, the reputation is established, I guess. MUCH nicer to be proud of one's work.

OH, and the car's pretty good too!

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