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Lexus Still Reigns Supreme


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As a steadfast Lexohlic, yet a LOC Novice, I do feel we diehards are a touch too critical of the marque given there are clearly a few Dealers out there who do need to markedly improve their service & a GB CS Team that has been found wanting too!

However,the IS250 is a superb product & most Dealers can quickly resolve "niggles" which are,ofcourse, SO disappointing & frustrating if suffered by Club Members who are in the hands of the Lame Dealers.I am near

3 good Dealers, 2 of which provide truely excellent aftersales service.

CAR & TOP GEAR Magazines highly praised the car pre-launch & ,the latter,voted it Executive(small) Car of the Year:Clarkson certainly knows his stuff!

On the Forum there are c. 10 cars(10 too many!) with "niggles" out of roughly 2000 registered which equates to a fault rate of 0.5% which is staggeringly good for a car manufacturer launching a leading edge design that attracts daily glances of admiration & envy from passing motorists!

I love my car to bits & ,interestingly, posted a "niggle" to GB which has yet to be answered i.e why was I quoted nearly £3k. for 18" wheels which was so incredulous I decided not to let it spoil my Xmas!

Tel :mellow:

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