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The alloys on my 95 GS300 are looking a bit, well 'tired'. The previous owner has tried to remidy this with some alloy paint, which has now lost its colour somewhat.

Question,- Can I safely use something like Nitromours to remove all the paint etc. from the wheels before giving them a polish with Autosol etc. and laquering them myself. I know I can get them proffessionally done, but I am a tight git and like to save money whereever I can.

I have done a similar job on my Honda Blackbird, but didnt want the wheels on th GS to dislove if they are made out of some strange and wonderfull alloy!



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Sorry I don't know the answer to your question ANdy but would like to be included in the reply as my 99 GS has slightly manky alloys too.

Hope someone know the answer. I would guess its safe but then I'd guess I will win the lottery if I buy a ticket some time soon...


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i would do a test patch first.........

as nitromorse is pretty powerfull stuff with an acidic base,

aluminium does not like any form of acid treatment,especially strong acids,personally myself i would get them re done by a pro who will give them a proper finish afterwards

a company such as Lepsons

01634 580582

there based in Kent

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