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Just Had My 40k Mile Service Yesterday


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Ouch guess you better start saving for the 60k service then.....

When i bought my IS200 I found the paperwork for previous service 1K earlier @ woodford £1300 :o :o

no wonder the previous owner sold it soon after

not that i'm complaining :D

I was shocked when the service manager told me the price. £699.

I didnt think 40k miles was that major a service to warrent that price!


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perhaps a trip to the sunny resort of costa del Hanley, stoke on trent should be considered for your next service...?!

Hanley prices -


10,000 Mile £74.49

20,000 Mile £234.39

30,000 Mile £98.02

40,000 Mile £246.02

50,000 Mile £74.49

60,000 Mile £463.82

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Hope you got a nice courtesy car for that kind of money!

Hi! Do you have the contact details re Costa Del Hanley and the service department? I just had a major service, plugs and cambelt etc and that cost £1300.



Hanley website & you can also PM Chris.S for any details, see thread here

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Yep my 40k @ Woodford a few weeks ago cost £550 (after LOC discount of course), but that was including a few bits that got replaced. £699 sounds a bit excessive if it was just a service :o

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