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Occasional Stalling Problem

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Just wondered if anybody had any ideas about the issue outlined below.

My LS has developed a problem in the last 3-4 months whereby the engine will stall after a sustained period of steady 60MPH+ driving.

This typically occurs after exiting a motorway and say arriving at the top of the slip road to stop for lights.

The engine will just die or at best the revs will drop down extremely low and some nifty footwork is required!

I have done a bit of research on here and I found one thread which suggested cleaning the throttle body which I have had done but to no avail.

Is there any other component/part that may have a bearing on this?

Throttle position sensor, or a motor that controls the idle?

I have developed a kind of workaround which involves putting the A/C on shortly before I am coming off the motorway, this is ok but obviously I'd like to cure the problem if possible.

Car has clocked up 192k so I guess something could be worn or past its best.

A diagnostic check revealed 2 fault codes which I am told relate to oxygen sensors in the exhaust? (If I recall correctly.)

I was informed that this was most unlikely to be the cause of my stalling issue.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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Sounds like your car has 'Ford Granada-itis' - mine used to do exactly the same thing towards the end of the warm-up phase, as if the choke was being released too soon. And always on the approach to the same roundabout! But at least in that case you could keep the revs up whilst using the handbrake to regulate the car's speed. Just one of several faults that I could never cure, which was why it had to go.

But I digress...

When you say you cleaned the throttle body, did you actually take it right off and clean it from the inside, fitting a new paper gasket on reassembly?

What about the mass airflow sensor?

Do let us know as and when you get to the bottom of this.

Good luck...

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Had throttle body cleaned by a guy who actually works in a Toyota/Lexus dealership so pretty confident he has done a thorough job.

Found this thread on LOC USA forum:

Makes interesting reading.

Seems to be exactly the problem I am experiencing so I have sourced an ECM for a later series 3 car from a breakers yard which will hopefully arrive this week sometime.

Will post again once I have fitted it and let everyone know whether this cures the problem.

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