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Hardwiring To Ignition Barrel

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Hiya peeps, need a bit of guidance if possible.

I'm wanting to hardwire a speed camera detector/locator into my IS. I want it located next to the driver's side A-Pillar, just above the dash.

My thought was to take the power feed from the ignition barrel so that when the car is turned on, so is the unit.

Could anybody guide me as how to go about running the wires from the ignition barrel to the desired location, so that no wires are visible??

I presume some people on here may have attempted something similar in the past.

Any help will be much appreciated as i wanna be one step ahead of myself before my detector arrives.


Rob :D

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If you remove the cover under the dash by the drivers knees, 3 screws I think. Then remove the A piller cover, afaik it just pulls off. You should be able to see straight down behind the dash, just use a torch to find the path through.

Not sure which wires are live on the ignition barrel

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Hardwire means can't remove, means easy target for theft :( Or do you mean wire a plug up there so you easily remove it?

Think he means not having to plug it in the cig lighter socket all the time. Making it in theory less of atarget for thieves. :winky:

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yep, i mean creating a wired path so that the plug just stick outs of the side of the A-Pillar so that i can attach it every time i get into the car.

I want it next to the A-Pillar and not in the centre of the dash (i.e, no ciggy lighter feed)



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Yeah taking things from the radio feeds are a good idea, then you know everythings connected in one place, ideal for :

a)things you want always on

b)things you want on with the ignition

c)things you want on with the lights

d) things you want on with the arieal!

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Rob & Steve fitted mine in the center mate, just took the wire down the dash tray and hardwired it into the fag lighter, with the illumination hooked up to the fag lighter light!

When Gord did my Defi gauges he just pulled the rubber off the door to give more room to work with the A pillar - maybe something that you might have to do too mate if you're hooking up to the ignition?

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cheers guys.

it'd probably be a lot easier to hook it up to the ciggy lighter but i want it located out of eyesight, by the A-Pillar.

Removing the rubber seal should allow easier access to get that A-Pillar off i reckon (cheers Aido).

Then i assume i just connect up to the live feed to the ignition barrel and it should work just as well as if it were connected to the ciggy lighter?!?!

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