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Tte Front Bumper

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He was tring to sort me out with a grille as well last month but the painted price was a bit too steep so I'm waiting until I have a few parts for spraying until I send them off. All because Strath. Blue isn't an available colour in the Lexus Accessories :(

someone picked one up for £40 a few weeks back. im more into that price!!

The bumper you speak of was actually a sport bumper not the TTE one as I spoke to the seller and they confirmed this.


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If its one of the new ones with the precut washer holes, then £240 painted is an absolute bargain and I'd snap it up.

If its one of the older bumpers without the holes, it's still a pretty good price as its painted, but I got my used one off ebay for £45, and now it's on the car you couldn't tell it was used. If you know a good bodyshop that can paint it for you for a good price, it might save you a lot.

The other thing to bear in mind, the one I bought was in good condition with pretty good paintwork but got flexed in transit and needed a respray - after that I don't think I'd ever buy anything painted unless it is well packed and boxed up

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