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Breakdown Cover


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I took out breakdown cover with green flag last year at a cost of £98.00 for the all singing all dancing policy plan,

a year has passed no claims made I recieved the renewal qoute through today and they want £122 this price included a 10% NCD, :duh:

Ive been searching the net and tescos offer a all singing and dancing package for £79 and their recovery providers are Green Flag :blink:

Doesn't make a lot of sense to me but hey

Has anyone got this Tesco breakdown Cover and had to use it is it any good? I suspect I might not get any responses I forgot its Lexus were talking about we dont break down :lol:

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For piece of mind without the hole in your pocket, try AutoAid only £32:

Covers the person not the car, great if you have multiple vehicles, free cover for spouse/partner, onward transportation included, home breakdown recovery (limited to £45 max), and did I mention it's only £32. All you got to do is pay up front and claim back later, anyway as you said you don't expect to break down in your Lex do you? I have a policy, flat Battery in my old Focus after a 3 week holiday, cost me £45 to have someone come jump it, that itself paid for my whole year's policy!

For other cheap and more conventional breakdown cover, try these options!,14076,

Otherwise Gold members have discount with a major recovery service, check it out.

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have a look at the AA:

the AA

I wouldn't go for the full hog as you do drive a Lexus!

The home start is never worth it as I have never known anyone to have a car brake down at home unless it was a Battery or no fuel. Everything that can go wrong at home is usually easy to do yourself.

The highest cover I would do is the Option 200, only so that if I was on holiday I would be taken home or to the destination. but then when you get there you still have to sort your car out!?

I might do the vehicle membership on option 100 myself.

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