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  1. I'm planning to go, in my Ford Focus though.
  2. I've downsized to a 57 reg Ford Focus TDCI, so might struggle to keep up with you guys on the unrestricted Autobahns
  3. If ex-owners are allowed, I'm interested in coming along.
  4. I was at last year's Euro event and I definitely recommend it. For info of last year's event, check the following thread.
  5. If ex-Lexus owners are allowed to join, I might be able to pop round and envy those who still owns theirs
  6. As of 1100 on 15/11/08 I've been offered the full amount for the kit, thanks for all those who were interest, and also those who encouraged them to buy it. However, the first actual firm offer with money came from a third party, and so I'll have to honour that. I do apolgise to those who showed interest, but as it is on a first come first serve basis with a firm offer, I can't bend the rules. Thanks again to all, and this marks the beginning of my departure from Lexus ownership, it's been fun while it lasted.
  7. Good points, let me clarify. I pay the garage for removing the charger from my car, and the new owner pays for the garage to install the charger in his/her car (cost about 50:50), this would be the simpliest option. However, if installation isn't required, collection arrangements to be made by new owner at cost. I do have the original bits so there shouldn't be a need for me to take any from the new owner, however if there is a need to do so because I forgot to bring an original bit and I need it to drive away, I am happy to reimburse the part I take.
  8. In short, yes you will need a new intercooler, and I would suggest getting the one as suggested by DJ Wozza as per my original post (under £90), or check with Prolex UK which also offers its own uprated version.
  9. SOLD on 15/11/08, thanks to all those interested. For sale is a used TTE supercharger with all the relevant bits including the TTE airbox, HKS FCD and Prolex uprated intercooler, new owner to purchase a new intercooler though as per DJ Wozza's post, since there is damage to the latter. Several notices: - Ideally to arrange a day transfer job (labour cost 50:50) where both cars are at Charlesworth Motors, or collect from there on agreed date. - Transaction to be completed by 30/11/08. - £1600, priced for quick sale, so no haggling please. Update: Ideal dates for exchange at Charlesworth Motors, 22nd or 29th.
  10. I thought you had a look at it at one of the meets, basically it had a run in with a hugh speed bump, which pretty much completely squashed the bottom layer grill and damaged the mounts. I've had the mounts repaired but don't know if there is further unspotted damage that may be causing my boost leak.
  11. Unfortunately I can't make this one due to family committments.
  12. I have 3G 20 grooved brake discs fitted front and rear and can highly recommend them as an alternative, and I have Mintex Xtreme pads on the front.
  13. If you don't mind Wozza, I might be going down the same route with the intercooler as this is something I can afford to replace my uprated but damaged big intercooler, hopefully will resolve my boost problem.
  14. The menu looks good to me, so I'm in.
  15. Is one with a Gold sticker acceptable? In particular a Arai Freeway.
  16. I use the same, can't beat £36 a year!
  17. I'm glad you are okay after what I can only described as a horrific accident :o Take care of yourself and let us know when you get your new Lex!
  18. My old tyres still have a bit of thread left so I thought I shall burn them away at the Ring, the IS250 wheels should be back on soon when I get round to fit them again.
  19. The driver is Cole from Sheffield, he said he got the car a few weeks back, and should be joining the Club soon. Another pic but I think it is his friend standing by the car. I have no idea what my time is, as every Ring page I go to tell me NOT to time myself, so I didn't. Yes I agree it was defo a great meet, hope more people can join next year
  20. Here's another link I found from the EU forums with more pics and videos.
  21. In short, SCARY :duh: but certainly up for it again whenever the next Ring trip is going to be :D
  22. Here are some pics from the Euro Meet, it truly was an amazing experience and I had a jolly good time there, I only wished there were more members from the UK attending, but it was still great to be with Dave, Kamelia (probably wrong spelling) and Terry. Oh and did I mention we all had a ride in the ISF driven by one of the top guys from Lexus Germany, what a blast! Would have had more pics if I didn't somehow mess up the settings on my camera, so almost every photo is blurred (think I screwed the exposure timing), but I'm sure the others will post more pics, will put a link to the Euro forum once I find the thread. Me and Dave on the train The main activity for the meet was a day at an ADAC driver training centre, so we were tested on skid recovery on a skid pad and a straight track where they shift a plate to lose your backend (pictured), emergency stop and a timed maneuvering course. At the Ring, it happens to be Fiesta Ducati day (Sunday). Just goes to show it's a small world, another Lexus from the UK parked up next to me at the paddock just before I hit the track. And yes my license plate has fallen off, all that high speed on the Autobahns and spinning round from the driving training took its toll.
  23. Congrats on you winning Best Modified Lex at the Euro Meet (or at least that's what I think you won, not knowing the language I was purely guessing). And I think I saw you on the road to the Ring on Sunday as I was leaving, hope you had fun!
  24. A long while back we agreed on 1100 at Maidstone Services, is this still good for everyone?
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