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Gs300 Mk1 Lowering Springs.


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Iv been looking through some of the old posts on here and have noticed that the most common used springs to lower the GS300 are the Eibach's.

However, the links in the posts are really old and dont work, and im finding it hard to find any over the internet. The only ones that i can find are usually located in the states.

Any links, address, names of where i can get some lowering springs for a MK1 GS300? Prices would be great along with a rough idea of how far down she'll go :winky:

Im not going to go coilovers as that will be abit harsh, just springs.

Also heard it can be a nightmare to change the springs in these cars, especially the rears? Is this this true, or is it just like any other car.


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Ok, after many phone calls and much searching around im pretty sure no one in the UK can supply the springs for a MK1 GS300.

Iv tried the Eibach shop in Wolverhampton, TDi in London and all the like but to no joy.

There is only place that lists them for a Mk1 and that is:-

The only problem here is that the H+R springs that are listed for the MK1 are the identical ones listed for a MK2. So i think they may have listed them just generally rather than specifically.

I think my best bet is to get them imported from the states or from Japan. Or the other option would be to get a complete Mk1 GS300 Sport suspension and swap that straight over.

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