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Insurance For Supercharger

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im 34 and clean license 2 years no claims and 350 fully comp for my standard sport.Is there any guys about the same age group who have told the insurance about there charger and how much extra was you?

I pulled away from lights tonight and went through 1st and 2nd and a vectra of some sort was keeping with me so i need to get a s/c ASAP lol

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lot of companies wont even quote with a charger.

Adrian Flux quoted me around an extra 150 above my standard ins, but they wanted to increase the excess from around 160 to 350.....So double check all quotes.

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I'm having the charger installed and it's sending it up £150 approx. I'm 20 as well :D


Who is that with J?

I had major problems getting insurance if I told them about the bodykit and it being lowered, nevermind a SC.

I'm 23 and direct line won't insure any driver under 25 with any modification, that includes changing the stereo apparently!

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If you have any mod's you have to be careful not delcaring them as if anything does happen and you need to claim, if they come out to inspect car to get a quote then they will question anything that is not standard.

If you have mod's that can easily be replaced then you can always swap them if you need to. :)

Insurance may not come to inspect anyway if there is an accident so in that case it will not matter. It's just insurance company's trying to swindle more money and doing whatever they can to get out of paying out. :duh:

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