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Screwless Mobile/pda/mp3 Player Mount

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I've just got one of these...

It's a mount for mobiles/PDAs/mp3 players etc. I had one in my IS200 and I've just got one of the first batch available in the UK for the IS220/250. It simply clips into the dashboard so you don't end up with screw holes or glue marks. I ignored the bit about sticky tape and it worked ok. It's more secure than one of those vent clip-on ones and not as obvious from outside as a windscreen suction mount.

You buy a seperate holder for your make of device and screw it onto the mount. I have a swivel holder for my Palm Lifedrive. I use it as an MP3 player in the car.

It's not cheap but I've found it good so thought I'd mention it in case anyone else was interested.

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Hmm I've noticed today that it does seem to create a noticeable gap where it pushes the dashboard apart slightly (perhaps it'll stop the rattles!). I'm going to try fitting it again to see if I can get it to sit in slightly better. I'll have to attach a picture so you can make up your own minds if you'd be happy with it. (The IS200 version was better as you could fit it lower down and it clamped to into the gap without forcing it apart so much.) The other bad points on the IS220 version is access to the vent on/off is a bit limited (although I just tend to leave it on anyway) and its obviously cutting down the air flow from the vent a bit. I'm not quite so excited as I was at first although it's nice to be able to use my Palm again.

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I had a Dashmount bracket in my Audi - it was brilliant as it was securely attached to a bolt behind the stereo faceplate/trim - very strong and perfect fit.

I've considered the version that fits the new IS, but I'm not sure about - it is supposed to hold itself in, and like the one I had in my Jazz, I am scared it'll virate and break some of the shiny trim - again it creates a gap as the tolerances are too small. I dread to think what might start to rattle... :lol: It apparently clips in just to the side of the stereo... :sick: so I returned it. See HERE

It's a real shame - in the end I went to ASDA and bought a cigarette lighter socket charger/combined holder for my Nokia phone, so it's legal, and I hate the vent ones, they are never truly secure and I am so scared the vents'll snap!

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