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Lexus Phone Holder

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After buying my phone holder i decided to go ahead and fit it this morning after spending much of last night getting tomtom on my phone.

The decieving one screw assembly was a bit stressfull and ended up taking gear surround off and with it pulled out wires for my edfc so taking the stereo out to get access i snapped a wire which was soldered together. After fixing all my f**kups ad i eventually got the phone holder on and its looking great. Also threw in an aux out cable so i can link up my phone to the stereo to listen to music ect and act as a makeshift hands free kit.

Also now have tomtom mobile installed on my phone which is really handy, just need to try it out properly instead of down to the shops and back lol.


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That would be my tein edfc which allows me to control the suspension, very handy for daily driving where it would be set on soft but when your late it can be set to stiff for better handling etc.

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Yeh as far as i know its a lexus part, same with the part number etc on the inside etc, i did see them in a lot of cars when i was first looking to buy a lex, in a lot of ex-buisness cars etc.

another view of the holder.


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Its a clip that holds it on where the trim meets the carpet and the top gets held in place as its moulded to fit perfectly around centre consol etc.

As for the phone holder part i simply bought a universal one which also fits my mp3 player as well as my phone.

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i bought it off ebay, i could go venture out to the car later with a screwdriver and have a look for a number on it.

i fixed it down with velcro so it could be taken off if need be ( and also because halfrauds no longer sell double sided tape lol ).

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