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Hello i know this should be in Audio but thought i might get a quicker response

i have fitted new head unit using the Loom supplied on Ebay (expensive one )

and i now have the rear of the car out changing speakers

and i have noticed there are four wires on the speakers

do i just connect the red and black one from the underside of the OEM speaker

to my new ones as the Pioneer TSA6911 only need two wires

any quick help appriciated with in next Hour if pos



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Yeah just pick one pair and connect them.

The reason theres four is because the stock speaker is actual 2 speakers, one on top of the other.



so it dont matter which i use?? what if i joined them together ??

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Slightly off topic, but are there any speakers that can just be swapped over with the OEMs without changing anything else?

Would like better sound quality, but don't want to do anything drastic in the car - simply pull old speakers out, put new ones in :)

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what did you fit mate? Thinking back to the days of when i first passed my test and fitted excelent 6x9's with which pumped ou huge ammounts of bass but that was with an amp. Anyone got any suggestions for a similar thing in the is200? Would like to have a sub but just dont have room in the boot for one.

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