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Aftermarket Front Bumper Wanted

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I am hoping some one can help me out here.

On 14th Dec 06 I placed an order with POTN for a C-west replica front bumper. It was to be delivered from the states within 4-6weeks. Needless to say it never arrived in the uk for over 3 months. After that it took POTN 2weeks to get the bumper on a lorry on it's way to me in N.Ireland. Then the courier company managed to loose it on the boat from Birmingham to Belfast. How this happened is anyones guess as it isn't exactly a small package.

After MANY MANY phone calls to POTN, I was told that the insurance claim for the missing delivery had came through and if I wanted to order another bumper then it would arrive within 4 weeks. I was told this about 2-3 weeks ago. I have just rang them today to get some tracking information and have been told that the shipment has still not left the states yet and it will be another 4-5weeks before it arrives in the UK.

I told the sales rep to shuv the bumper somewhere that it would never be found again and to refund my money. To say I am angry about this is like saying Stevie wonder can't see all that well :angry:

Anyway, rant over.....

I am now looking for a new bumper to fit to the car. I am open to all suggestions but it has to be a full bumper and not a bumper extension etc as the standard one simply doesn't fit over the intercooler.

I want something fairly simple and not over the top but it must have a big opening for the cooler.

Here is the one I had ordered...


If I could get one of these quickly enough I would be happy but it ain't looking likely.

Oh, and you have been warned about POTN. They are a bunch of useless ******** who can't return phone calls.

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Adie where did you get your bumper from?? How much did you pay after delivery, vat etc etc if you don't mind me asking. Oh and how long did it take to arrive?

I had a look on taka kiara there and the genuine C-west is only about £260 to buy but that is before shipping and vat. I would gues it would be closer to £5-600 by the time it gets to me.

I also tried the link in that ebay ad but the website hasn't been uploaded yet. it looked promising though as they use the flexi-glass which seems to be the new standard now.

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PM recieved thanks mate.

Still pondering over this as I really don't want to make the wrong choice.

I think it is down to either ordering the genuine C-west from takakiara or buying the vertex from Dave. I would prefer the C-west as it is the nicest looking IMO but then the vertex may work out cheaper and be here quicker.......

decisions decisions.....

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