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Engine Flush

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I would never use an engine flush as it washes away the 'grime' inside an engine which is doing no harm where it is!!! I used to work for a dealer that ripped off customers with engine flush and fuel additive with every service, boy did we hear some 'knockie' engines once they'd been flushed, real metal on metal knock, :o nice. Even the company that made the flush said not to use in engines with more than 80k on the clock.

So in my opinion save your money, buy good oil and change it regular and all should be fine :D

Regards Pumatron.

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I have used engine flush on other cars. I'd say it's probably only worth it if the oil hasn't been changed for a good while and is very black and sludgy.

After flushing tough you will find the engine is louder and does seem to knock more at first, but adding a decent oil additive will soon quieten things down, and before long the engine will be much quieter and smoother than before the flush.

At least thats my experience of it. If however your car has had regular oil changes there should be no need to flush.

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