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Sticking Caliper Replaced


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Right for the past few months i've had a sticking caliper.

Took it off a couple of Months ago and exercised it its full range and it worked fine after that for a few weeks.

But then it started feeling odd again so i got a second hand one off Ebay (£21 bargin!)

Took my old caliper off today and changed it. Then i looked at the pads.

What a shock!


So had to get a whole new set of pads. Seems a shame to change to drivers side ones but can't only change one side.

The new caliper (although its not Red like the other and so looks strange) feels so much better and breaking from 50-60 feels so much safer.

Just thought i'd share this.


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What did steve do, do you know?

the first time i tried exercising them, pushing them fully in and then fully out a load of times to free them up but they just stuck again a few weeks later.


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Yes he used the silicon grease on the pistons and cleaned all the rust off where the pads sit in the caliper and coated it all in copper grease it seems to have done the trick up to now but we will see when i get home again.Both of mine we sticking and the pads had jammed down the back.

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