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Lexus Is 200 Se

Guest Yad

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I'm a new member in need of some help. I have just bought a T reg 1999 IS200 Se model and the CD player does not work. It's a 6 CD player and i'm sure a CD is stuck in the multiplayer.

Whenever I tun the engine on the cd player makes a buzzing noise, I think it's trying to load/eject the stuck CD.

It does not display the ERR 3 on screen.

I have been to Lexus/Toyota Dealers who, without looking at the cd player quote me £400+ to repair.

For that kind of money an aftermarket CD player would have to do, but I would like to keep the original.

Please could you recommend someone in the South Yorkshire area who can help fix the original for a reasonable price.

Thanks For Your Help,


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There is a company on ebay who repair them for £220. Do a search for

Faulty Lexus IS200 and IS300 CD Changer Repair Service

Dont know how good they may or may not be.

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Autosound in Bradford (W Yorks) should be able to repair your CD player. Not sure of cost though. Google autosound.

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If you think there is a cd stuck in it, do a search on LOC and look for how to remove your cd player, then take a few screws out of the top to remove the cover and remove the cd yourself!! That way its free!!


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