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Front Fog Out

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just noticed the other day that my front LH fog is out. wondered if there are any aftermarket bulbs that might look awesome in there. has anyone got upgraded bulbs in them and how do i get the fogs out

Hello mate me again :D

There are two 10mm bolts just inside of the bumper on the side of the fog lamp i used a ratchet spanner to get mine out and saved me getting to it from under the car even though there isn't much wire to the lamp to pull it out very far so you might be able to get the bulb out from behind the under arch trim its a bit fiddley but can be done? :)

Chris.... :)

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cheers chris. i couldnt open the link before i relpied if u could send me the pic by email if thats cool?

i will have a look, are they standard bulbs?? or can u get leds for tem now

Just sent you an e-mail mate with the pics?

Think the bulbs are type 9006' as they changed them on some of the newer cars mines a 2000 model there the same as the dip beam bulbs if i remember right?

Think you can get the LED ones but not sure mate? mine were a right pain to get out as they had corroded into the lamp and when you pull the bulbs out they broke up into bits so you'll have to work them a bit :huh:

Chris.... :)

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