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Gs300 Water Pump


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After spending 10 hours travelling from Wolverhampton to Bournemouth on Friday (water water everywhere), my GS got a bit too warm sitting in traffic.

When driving the temp gauge doesn't move past its normal point.

I do however have a loud metalic grating noise, which increases with engine revs.

Any ideas?

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If your water pump had gone, the first sign is that you would see water coming from the centre shaft

Also you would overheat big time in a couple of minutes

Because that is what happened to me :tsktsk:

If it is OK with normal driving but only overheating in slow traffic I would say that the electric fan isn't working right, that is on the right hand side of the radiator as you look in from the front, an electric plug on the right of that unit should be in firm

You can disconnect the plug and put 12 volt from your Battery directly across the fan, but watch out you dont short it by touching the wire to the wrong terminal

To get to the electric fan temperature sensor is a right game as usual it seems to have been installed then the engine built around it

The grating noise can be anything that is rotating, with the engine turned off have a look under the bonnet for wear marks especially around the fan, turn the fan by hand and see if it is touching the cowling, if it is you should be able to move the cowling a little to clear it

Then have a look at the belt as well, as it is a very long one if there is a crack or the belt has perished then that can sound terrible

The easiest thing to do is to get a socket on the tensioner (the arm in the middle) and push it down and it releases the belt simply flick it off and if the belt looks worn in any way, replace it, while that is off have a feel of the tensioner pully, it should feel nice and smooth as you turn in any sign of it binding is bad, but easy enough to change

If you still haven't found it open the bonnet with the engine running and have a listen to try and find the area of the noise

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Thanks for the prompt response guys!

The overheating happened on Friday and the car had really been stuck in traffic for a few hours, the needle went almost to the top before I opened the bonnet and let her cool down.

Good news that its not the water pump, its not the fan as that does cut in.

I have tried listening for the noise but can't seem to track it down, I will try and look at the belt and the tensioner this weekend.

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