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Wondering if anyone could assist me. I'm thinking of changing my front grille as I'm not really sure I like it - think it's a bit too much 'in your face'.

What grille options are there and has anyone got pictures of them (either on or off vehicles)?

I'd be really appreciative.

Keith :D

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Well you've got the standard grills 3 or 4 lines. Then theres sport grill and LE grill. Also you could just change all bumper like aztecbandit.

I will get my photos up when i get home of when me and Chris changed my standard grill over to the sport grill the other week so you can see the differene

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Alright Keith,

I had the standard grille to begin with. I've now got the LE grille fitted (which has two slats running across is horizontally). I also had an OE chrome Altezza grille, but sold that to a member on here. I'm debating on fitting the OE Sports grille when I have the skirts fitted, as I think it gives a slightly more menacing appearance at the front end.

There are pictures of all the grilles I have n my registry (link below) which you can have a nosey at when the forum issues are fixed.

I'll grab the pictures out of my Lexus IS200 topic as well for you...

All the best,


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Standard grille vs. LE grille:


On car:


TTE bumper:


Also the Sport grille, but I've never had one of those so don't have a photo! I'm sure someone will be along shortly to add that one too :)

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Which do you prefer, Keith?

Hmm, dunno.

Liking the Sport grille :yahoo: . If they did that ready-painted in my colour (antimony) I'd go for that one but I've had bad experiences with painting things myself before and vowed never again :yack: .

The LE grille is my next favourite. I'm still waiting to see the chrome Altezza grille...

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I'm still waiting to see the chrome Altezza grille...

Feeling unusually helpful today, so here you go:



To be honest, this one's my favourite, was planning to get one before I found my TTE bumper.........

Btw, don't think the lady comes with it, but worth a try :winky:

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Don't like the de-badged look to be honest. I must say I'm not actually smitten with any of the grills. Well, not enough to shell out a couple of hundred pounds on buying one and having it professionally resprayed. It's an extra £200 towards the LS I've been sniffing around for a while lol!

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