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430 Sat Nav Crash, Sort Of....

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Hi again

It seems the Sat Nav in my 430 is like me, It dont like the cold.

When I start in the morning, it comes on, then after a couple of minutes the screen goes blank and then it comes back on at the welcome screen, then it goes off again etc etc, until the car is warm. Then it comes on and stays on.

I guess that its either an electronics problem (in which case I will live with it), or its a dodgy connector which only makes full contact when its warm.

The whole lot seems to re-boot, instead of just the screen itself dying then coming back.

Any suggestions?

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Try this first to see if you have any problems...

The satnav unit is in the boot under the side floor panel on the drivers side, you have to remove a plastic trim clip to raise it, there maybe water or condensation getting in the unit, have a good feel around it.

Good Luck


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Sorry been Ruddy busy to come back to this!

Anyway, have tried the Diagnostic Menu and could not see anything wrong, had a quick feel around the unit in the boot and it felt dry.

However feeling dry and being dry can be two different kettles of fish, so tomorrow (if I dont get sidetracked again!) I will pull out whatever plugs I can on the unit (one by one) and give them a spray of electrical cleaner see if that does the trick.

I will let you know......

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Mine doesn't like the cold either.

The screen works but when you press "Destination" the address button is greyed out.

This suggests it cannot access the disc.

After 10 minutes or so it works as it should.

Condensation perhaps and a bit of heat in the machine dries it out.

BTW My previous car, an S Class Merc, did exactly the same.

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Well I took the plugs off the box in the boot and gave them a good spray of contact cleaner, made no difference whatsoever. So I think I can cross that one off the list.

I am beginning to thing it may be something on the head unit. maybe a bad connection or something, either way I think I will live with it until the weather gets a bit better!

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