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What Belts What?

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When I had the car running earlier today I had a good look in the engine bay and from what I could see I think either my water pump has already been changed in the past, possibly under warranty, but I couldnt find out any info of the water pump being replaced, but either way it didnt seem to be leaking and was nice and clean.

I did notice tho...all the pullies on the front of the engine dont look in too good shape. They're all kinda rusty and well I dont like the look of this so its got me kinda worried. I'm guessing its probably cos the car has been standing for so long or maybe its just a lexus thing but I'm gonna be getting the timing belt done when the car is fixed either way but since having a good look I wanna get all the belts done so can someone tell me whats what please and what I need?

I know that the timing belt kit is belt, tensioner, and idler pully but what else is needed to change other belts? Are there any kits out there?

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If you go to Charleworth Motors at Glossop, (wheres IS200Sam's Turbo work was done, Brucie's Charger, all my work)

He charged £200 including parts to change it and they did an excellent job.

Well recommended.


Not sure mate, but Stav reccomended these ^^^^^^^^

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There's a sticky posting about changing the timing belt on this forum, and one on changing the auxilliary belts in the workshop forum. For the latter, you can see a pic of the new belts in their packaging, so the reference numbers for those might be useful. Don't forget the online workshop manual too.

Don't know if there are any kits, but I don't remember anyone mentioning it before, so they're probably just individual items.

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what are the aux belts?? considering theres what seems to be surface rust tho on the pullies/cogs should these be replaced or is it anything to worry about? is it a lexus trend?

The belts i would say are, Alternator , Air con and Power Steering? The pully's on mine are showing rust and you shouldnt need to worry about them? :)

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hmm after doing a bit of digging around on the gates website I've found the following information:

ALT Belt: Part no: 4PK1070

PS (I'm guessing thats power steering) Part no: 3PK890

AC Compr (AC compressor?) Part no: 4PK898

Camsht (Timing belt) Part no: 5282XS

After looking these up and looking at rig-pigs picture of his belts i've noticed one of the part numbers is different....wonder if anyone could explain this...rig-pig?

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