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Loc While @ Work


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Well work finally allowed me internet access as I need it to get some information, but they tend to not let anyone use it as they can go on non-work related sites ;) well so since getting it, I see that Hotmail is blocked, ebay & all the sites I tend to go on..

But the good news is Loc is not blocked yay, so keep posting guys at it gets me through the boring day here, until they take the net off me again lol

Only problem is when the giant pictures of cars come up or the avatars then they can see I'm not working lol.. Oh the fact I look like I'm enjoyin reading something an actually typing haha

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Chunks of the internet are blocked for me as well - by which I mean email sites like Hotmail, and MSN Messenger.

Since I use my own laptop, I decided to spend a tenner a month on a mobile broadband dongle, to sidestep such a silly ban. :whistling:

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as for facebook, most proxys dont allow full functionality. is ok tho

it might not work but it does at my place. replace the http:// with https:// it only works with facebook but if you put that s in before each page it allows it! very good!!

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can't believe it, went to the car park at lunch an there is a IS200 SE parked next to me in Silver with bigger aftermarket rims(I have crappy curbed,flaked 10yr old stocks on) and a fairly nice bodykit on it. The spoiler is awful compared to mine, but now I feel I must do my car proud an get my wheels fixed an search out a better bodykit haha... I liked it when not many IS's where around there are so many round here now, now there following me to work I'm such a trend setter ;)

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