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Is 220d Poor Tyre Wear

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had my 220 now 2 years and had a complete set of tyres on at 18,000, whilst washing it today noticed that the rears are well below the legal limit car now at 28,000 thats only 10,000 of use on the rears.

i had the car checked at 18,000 miles and had it tracked ect.

anybody else had poor returns from there tyres? mine are the bridgestone potenza's which came on the car/

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I've not experienced or heard of wear problems on the rears but the service manager at a Lexus dealer told me that it's best to inflate the tyres to 36psi (on the 16inch wheels) to avoid uneven wear. He was referring to outer/inner wear differences on the same tyre though.

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I've just changed the fronts at 30k with about 5k left in the rears. On original Dunlops. The fronts did wear more on the inside face but the fitter said all the lexus IS ones seem to do the same.

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the wear is even acrros the rears they are well below legal limit after 10k.

If the wear is even then the reason for the low mileage is either a poor silica compound in the tyre or a heavy foot...... it's nothing to do with the chassis or Geometry...

Personally i think it's the compound.

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