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I'm About To Change My Interior.. Any Pointers?


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Hi All,

When i got my IS200 the interior wasnt... well, lets say great.. I've been sold the interior (Seats from and back and 4 door panels) from an IS300..

Considering all the electrics in the seats etc I dont think this is going to be an easy replacement.

Anyone got any hints, tips or pointers I should note before I actually start?

I'm also getting the center console with arm rest from the IS300. All IS300's are auto and mine is manual so i'm not sure if i can switch it over. The gear sticks are still in the same place so hoping i can.

Any help is appreciated.

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Do the new front seats you have have the connectors hanging out? If so it's just a case of removing the front seats, disconnecting the electrics and reversing with the new - the back seats are incredibly easy and you'll probably have them swapped over in 10 minutes - just pull the bottom up, unbolt the backs, lift up towards the roof to remove and then reverse the process with the new ones I think?

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If it like most car, when you have the front seats out "DO NOT TURN THE IGNITION KEY!" this may set off the air bags, which will...

1 cost a small fortune to replace

2 scare the poop out of you.

Hope it all goes well mate, do a photo step by step guide and post it so we can see you handy work....

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I don't know if your car has an electric loom for the seats but this thread from Jason_l will help if no electrics


This info below should help as well. I'm in South East London and if you not far am happy to help

as I replaced my own Interior & Door Panels, plus fitted an armrest at the same time.

Seat & Centre Console removal

The Armrest should fit no problems at all. Guide to fitting removing the centre console & fitting an armrest CLICK HERE

If you are not confident in doing what follows, don't do it. I found it pretty easy though to be honest.

Front Seat Removal

When taking the seats out, move the front seats all the way forward, lossen the bolts at the rear

(14mm if I remember correctly) then move them back until you can easily reach the bolts at the front.

Then disconnect the Battery for approx 10-15 mins to allow the airbags to discharge.

After this pause (Tea or fag break) undo the front bolts, then tip the seat back to reveal underneath and disconnect the

electric seat/seatbelt sensor cable and the yellow airbag one. Then carefully remove the seat from the car,

**caution** as it is quite heavy. Replacement is the reversal of the above procedure. You may also find removing/replacing the rear seat is easier with the front seats removed.

Rear seat removal is covered here

In brief:-

1. Remove the bottom part of the rear seats, this simply pulls up (it is held in by some 'socket n plug' type clips). Seatbelt clips will also slide out of the seats.

2. Remove headrests

3. Remove four 12mm bolts from holding the back part of the seat. You will need a good socket set for this,

a spanner or screwdriver/socket set wont work. Then lift it up vertically and slightly backwards towards the rear screen,

this requires 2 ppl TRUST ME as it needs to be lifted at both ends at the same time !!

4. Remove the top clips holding the seatbelt in place (they unscrew or you can poke a knitting needle into the hole at the back to release the top arm)

5. Carefully remove the back seat (watching the seat belt as you take it off, and the bodywork as you take it out)

Reverse this to replace the seats. Ensure the seat back is correctly situated with the 3 mounting tangs in their slots,

and the seat back is pushed all the way down, or the fixing bolts will not line up.

As for removing/replacing the Door Panels CLICK HERE to a walkthru for the fronts, do the front ones first,

the rears are very similar and will be no trouble after you have done those front Door Panels first.

The above info should really be all you need. I would suggest printing out the relevant threads & info, it

will make the job very easy, and you won't need to come back to your computer to check.

If you can, take some pictures as you go along, and post them up when you are finished. The hole job should

take no more than a few hours if the electrics are there for the front seats. It will be helpful if you have a mate,

as the rear seat back/upright is a pain to remove on your own !



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I used Wozza's guide ^^^^^^ when I changed the carpet in mine took me about an hour and half, I took the rear seats (bench only) out and trim off whilst waiting for the airbags to discharge tho rather than just standing around.

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As always the help on this forum is second to none!

It hasnt arrived yet but will do some time this week so i'll use all the information you guys have given and hope all goes well.

I'll take some photos for you so you can all laugh at and not admire my handy work!!

Thanks chaps..

I'll keep you posted.


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I used Wozza's guide ^^^^^^ when I changed the carpet in mine took me about an hour and half, I took the rear seats (bench only) out and trim off whilst waiting for the airbags to discharge tho rather than just standing around.

Thanks Andy, I've just had a read and sounds pretty easy so fingers crossed!

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