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Needs A New Arial Thing

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hi guys,

had a few probs picking up the radio stations around hear so thought id take it to a local audio place to get them to look at it. they phoned back to tell me the part the arial goes into has faild (the part in the roof part No 86300-53060 ) and that toyota wanted £153 +vat. for a new one. so any ideas wear i can get a new one from for a bit less.

thanks ells

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Have you got one of those little aerials in at all? I just remember when I had my car I had one of those tiny aerials and the reception with it is crap! Just wondering if there are any other folks around your way who can tell you how they get on with the stations you're after - or is it all of them?

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Have you still got the standard stereo or an aftermarket one?

The aerial has an amp if you've got an aftermarket stereo it needs a 12v supply to the little black cable as well.

I can see the aerial "failing" unless its been bent or snapped.

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