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There is a set of 17" IS200 alloys on ebay going cheap as they need a refurb but will they fit on my LS and will they take my tyres ( 255/40/17)?.




I'm pretty sure these will fit, it's the offset that maybe different, if you have a shop near you that sells aftermarket wheels they should have a book which gives the spec of wheels fitted as standard, just check the offset is close, you want the same or slightly more as your front tyres are very close to the suspension arms and less offset will make them rub, mind you you could use spacers but they arn't cheap....

The offset is measured in mm and is basically the amount the mating face of the wheel bolt holes are from the center line of the wheel when looked from above...

Mind you if they are cheap just buy them anyway as you can always resell them if needed.

A power band and now new wheels...... are we turning into a boy racer.... you'll want a fridge next!!!! :whistling:


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Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply, I'm just looking at a spare set of wheels and the price is right ( where have I heard that before).

Hi Steviewevie,

Yes that is what I thought as my wheels are 8.5" on the front and 9.0" on the rears to take 245/45/17'2 and 255/40/17's respectively.

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Update on the wheels.

I didn't buy them and it's a good job as my rims are 9.5 inches wide on the rears to take the 255/40/17's and 9 inches on the front with 235/45/17's.

I think I may have struggled with 7J's.

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Hi All,

I am running 17" IS250 Alloys on my 98 LS400. I have 235.55.17 tyres all round. You won't be able to go any wider than that on the front as they will rub on the suspension. Hope this helps.

Any pictures Rob, curious to see what they look like?

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