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New Is 250 Se-l Question


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Hey all

new here as you can see! hopefully buying a new IS 250 SE-L in the next week or two. took one out today and absolutly loved it. I took the time to try as many features as I could within the car. This one has the satalite navigation system with the 6 DVD multi changer, and Bluetooth phone etc..although no backseat monitors!. One thing i wasnt able to try, which i'm hoping you can help me. I had a quick look on yahoo and couldnt find the results i wanted so thought this would be the next best place..

Just wondering if it's possible to connect your iPod/MP3 device to the multimedia system. didnt have a CD/DVD/iPod on me at all at the time so wasnt able to test it. Everything else was great and the car was absolutly gorgeous to drive.

My son bought me a ipod for christmas as my old car has only got cassette in it still. hopefully someone on here can help! Unfortunatly my son cannot help as he's away at for the next few months or so.

Many Thanks

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Welcome to LOC :)

I think the new IS has an aux socket somewhere, maybe in the glovebox where you can plug anything you like into it - not 100% but one of the guys with one can fill you in on that one!

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Yes as Aido said there is an aux socket in the armrest I believe, it's a standard 3.5mm stereo jack (like any normal headphone jack) which will allow you to play music from any external audio source through the car's stereo system.

However, you will still need to use the iPod itself to control changing tracks, etc. For full control through the headunit, there is a Lexus iPod integration kit, or alternatively I think people have had better results with the Vaistech one. Either way you will need something like this if you prefer to be able to control the iPod using the car stereo controls and steering wheel controls.

With times as they are, you may be able to convince the dealer to throw the iPod kit in with the deal :whistling:

Welcome to LOC! :)

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