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Trd Hid Converstion.. Help!


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Does Trd do a HID kit?

Will see if I can find some instructions from my Meccatune kit...been on a few years though. I remember having to change the fuse, up it to 10amp I think. (2)

Think the kits are simply enough to fit anyway...

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Using Yahoo translate:

Appears they're only in H4, not right for the Altezza/Is then?

There is an HB4 version of the kit mate - that was just a link to the TRD site:

Here's the HB4 link:

And translated:

Actually that one does list SXE10 / GXE10 so they are ok - other link was just to show there is a TRD one.

Did a read and they're a rebranded CATZ / Bellof kit or something like that with Panasonic ballasts.

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Fair enough,

Dfferent pic as well, look like any normal Hid kit.

Yeah, not sure what the long bits under the ballasts are, maybe height sensors or something? Then again that could just be a vehicle specific kit.

Not sure why you'd pay more for a TRD kit though?

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