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Boot Light


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Hi guys,

Lately my boot interior light on my IS200 has been intermittent and now stopped working. Checked the bulb and circuit where the bulb plugs in and all seems ok. Have also looked at all fuses in three locations - but if it tests ok i can't see it being that. However i can't be sure as to which fuse it is, is there any info on this?

Any ideas please, thanks.


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Had another check;

The bulb looks okay and has continuity.

Across the terminal in the bulb holder is does not have continuity, however it tests at 10.9 volts. I would of though this should be 12 volts?

Also do you know what activates the circuit on opening of the boot, because there is no obvious push to break like the old cars used to have...? I assume its built in to the lock mechanism.

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I had to clear my boot out last night and I don't appear to have a boot light at all (unless it's not working) I had a quick look around with a torch but couldn't see one.

Whereabouts in the boot should it be?


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It should be towards the back of the car, at the top,

Some cars dont have them, it should look like a basket sort of thing with a bulb in it.



I'll have a look later on, now it's daylight.

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dont think mine has a light either so going the route others have taken and going to put some LED strips in the boot when i get round to doing it and buying some, is this what you did stav?

Yeah, i had a boot light but replaced it anyway with the LED strips.

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