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Can I Fit A Sub An Amp To The Lexus Headunit?

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You can use an RCA convertor to tap a signal off the rear speakers.

Aztecbandit has his setup like this.


do you know where i can get the convertor?

just to clarify, the RCA lead would come off the rear speakers to the amp? instead of from the stereo

thanx again

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perfect, just what im after, many thanx

did this chande the sound quality at all??

The sounds quite good mate :) , The way i did it, was just take the bass wiring from under the speakers to the converter then to the amp, so it left the tweeter part of the rear speakers still working, but if you just tap into the wiring on the rear speakers and not cut the wiring like i did you should keep the full sound of the rear speakers with the added subs in the boot?

But if the sound from the subs isnt very good just cut the wire on the rear speakers (the wires in the boot) and it'll work fine :D I had a JVC converter in mine that i found on ebay and think i paid about £3 for it which worked very well :)

Just swapped all my speakers for Vibe ones so got quite a bit of bass now, all running off a JBL amp and dvd headunit :)

I took the remote feed from the cigarette lighter as its a swiched feed and comes on with the ignition, iirc its a pink wire thats used but might have to check on that?

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