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Just Ordered The G220

Mr Mole

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Just placed my order for the following kit -------

Meguiar’s G220 Elite Kit which contains...

1 x G220 Polisher Machine

1 x Meguiar’s Soft Buff Machine Cutting Pad

1 x Meguiar’s Soft Buff Machine Polishing Pad

1 x Meguiar’s Soft Buff Machine Finishing Pad

1 x Meguiar’s Professional #83 Medium Abrasive Cut

1 x Meguiar’s Professional #80 Light Abrasive Cut

1 x DVD Guide (How To Use The PC For Show Car Results)

1 x Poorboy’s Deluxe Mega Towel Triple Pack

And have added this to the kit ....

Poorboy’s Black Hole Glaze

Poorboy’s EX

Dodo Juice Orange Crush

Cant wait to spend a few days in the garage giving the car a good clean and a polish and get rid of those swirl marks :D :D

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I thought the G220 was a new Lexus........misread it as GS220! :blush::lol:

I have the Ultimate detailing Machine polisher, which I have used a grand total of 1 times............. I think I must have just gone through a slight mad phase because at the same time I bought all sorts of polishes and waxes and other bits. My review is some of the waxes smell quite nice.......................... :lol::tomato:

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Dont know to tell you the truth mate, just heard good things about the G220

true although they do break down sometimes but megs are good as supplying the replacements so u will be fine if anything happens.

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