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02 Sensors

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If you have got some error codes coming up referring to the sensors, post them up here and I'm sure that folks here will be able to help you work out what the problem is.

Two of the sensors are in the exhaust manifold in the engine bay, the third is underneath the car in the exhaust pipe.

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ahh two in exhaust manifold so if you take the cats out the manifold would the sensor show the engine light....

Someone who has de-catted their manifold will be able to comment better than me, but I believe the two in the manifold are before the pre-cats, so removing the pre-cats shouldn't make any difference to them, I think.

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i have a error code p0420 which relates to the o2 sensor. now there are 3 how do i know which sensor is a bad one

P0420 is "Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (Bank 1)". It could be a leak in your exhaust, the O2 sensor or the cat. If it is an O2 sensor it could be any one of the three, since this code comes up due to a different reading between sensors. You could try the procedures detailed here to check out the three sensors, or take it to a garage for them to do it.

As I said though, it could be down to an exhaust leak or a failing cat too. But the sensors do seem like a good candidate for the problem.

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morning peeps, i had the same code about 6/7 months ago .

after getting the code read and re-setting the light it has not come back on since(touching wood)

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